Unhealthy Mold

Unhealthy Mold

A very common mold misconception is that all molds are unhealthy. We need to remember that mold is everywhere and we come in contact with mold on a daily basis; we also need to remember that everyone reacts differently to mold, which is a main reason why there are no federal or state mold exposure guidelines.

There are thousands of different types of mold, but only certain molds are considered allergenic, meaning they can trigger mold allergies or cause allergic reactions in certain individuals.

While molds are not toxic in themselves, certain molds can produce something called Mycotoxins, which are unhealthy toxins that humans can be exposed to via inhalation, ingestion or skin exposure. Various symptoms attributed to inhalation of mycotoxins have been reported including: mucous membrane irritation, skin rash, nausea, immune system suppression, acute or chronic liver damage, acute or chronic central nervous system damage, endocrine effects, and cancer. (EPA)

When a mold inspection and mold testing is performed, we are looking specifically for the types of molds that can trigger mold allergies, or have the potential to product mycotoxins.

If you are concerned about unhealthy mold in your home or building, contact us to speak with a mold professional.