Post Remediation Verification (PRV)

So, you have had mold remediation done, nothing is visible to the eye, but how do you know that the mold remediation was a success? The answer is Post Remediation Verification (PRV). Along with visually inspecting the area remediated, mold testing will be done to insure that “normal” fungal/mold conditions now exist.

It is important to keep in mind that mold is everywhere and there is no such thing as a mold-free environment. The key here is to make sure that “normal” fungal/mold conditions now exist. If mold testing was done prior to the mold remediation, typically the same types of mold samples will be taken after the work is complete. If testing was not done before the mold remediation was done, we can recommend the most effective sampling method to insure that the mold remediation was a success. This may include indoor air quality sampling, swab surface sampling or a combination of both.

Post Remediation Verification (PRV)

After the mold testing is complete, the samples will be sent to an accredited laboratory for analysis. Once we receive the samples back from the laboratory we will put together a report outlining anything that was observed during the post-remediation inspection and an analysis of the lab results. You will then have all the documentation and lab results to show that “normal” fungal/mold conditions now exist and that the mold remediation was a success. If the lab results come back showing “abnormal” fungal/mold conditions still exist, the report will include the additional mold remediation steps needed.

It is important, when choosing a mold remediation company, to ask about their Warranty & Guarantee on the mold remediation work performed in the event that the Post Remediation Verification (PRV) samples come back “abnormal” or you suspect that the mold has returned to the area treated in the future.

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