Mold Inspection for Sellers

Mold Inspection for Sellers

Don’t let the mold issue that could have been taken care of in advance slow down or kill a deal! If you are about to put your house on the market, consider a proactive mold inspection to make sure that there are not any unhealthy mold issues in your home before a potential buyer comes in.

Unlike home inspectors, our Certified Mold Inspectors are trained to look for certain “red flags” that could indicate a possible mold issue. Our Certified Mold Inspector will perform a thorough inspection and assessment of your property, looking closely for mold in basements, mold in attics, mold in crawl spaces and anywhere that has had a history of moisture. Based off of this mold inspection, mold testing may be recommended in order to firmly establish if “abnormal” fungal/mold conditions exist and the types of mold present.

Mold Inspection for Sellers in PA & NJ

Once the mold inspection is complete, you will be provided with a written report outlining what was observed during the inspection, any recommendations we can make for you to better improve your indoor air quality, tips on preventing mold growth, causes of mold growth and it will also analyze and interpret the lab results for any tests taken, whether it be indoor air quality testing or swab surface sampling. Should professional mold remediation be needed, this report will also include the suggested remedial protocol following the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) guidelines. If everything comes back “normal” you will now have a written documentation and lab results from an accredited laboratory to share with any possible buyers.

Do not let a mold issue that could have been identified and corrected scare away a possible buyer! Contact us today to schedule a mold inspection.