Mold in the Basements

Mold in the Basements

Common signs of mold growth in a basement include musty or stale odors, moisture staining or suspicious growth on surfaces such as walls, wood or contents. Mold needs two things to survive: a moisture source and a food source. Unfortunately for homeowners, most basements provide both of those ingredients, making them a perfect breeding ground for molds.

Mold will feed off of any cellulose-based products such as wood or drywall. As for the moisture source, just because you haven’t had a flood or water loss event, does not mean there isn’t moisture. When relative humidity levels exceed 55%, there is enough moisture in the air for mold to grow.

You Have Mold in the Basements?

If you are getting a musty odor in your basement, you have had a water loss event or you are seeing signs of visible mold growth or black mold, contact us to have a mold inspection and mold testing performed to establish if “abnormal” conditions exist in your basement.

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