Interpreting Lab Results From Testing

Interpreting Lab Results From Mold Testing

Interpreting Lab Results From Mold Testing – Trying to make sense out of lab results can be confusing and overwhelming, especially when you are not sure what to look for. We are available to review your lab results with you and help you make sense of it all. Let us explain the types of mold there were detected, if the levels are considered “abnormal” and, if so, why they are “abnormal.”

When looking at lab results keep in mind that not all molds are harmful and there will always be some mold in your indoor environment. Mold testing is meant to insure that there are not elevated levels of unhealthy mold in your environment.

If you’ve received lab results from Mold Testing that have in fact detected “abnormal” mold conditions and are in need of mold remediation, we can help. We will send out a Certified Mold Inspector and Assessor to do a thorough mold inspection and assessment of the area, free of charge, in order to put together an accurate mold remediation plan & quote for you.

Having Trouble Understanding Lab Results from Mold Testing?

Contact us to speak with a professional who can help make sense of your lab results or if you are in need of professional mold remediation and mold testing.