Certified Mold Inspector New Jersey

Certified Mold Inspector New Jersey

What exactly does it mean to be a Certified Mold Inspector in the state of New Jersey? Many people are unaware of the fact that there is no certification that you obtain from the actual state of New Jersey in order to become a mold inspector. Rather, there are various credible organizations in the environmental industry that you can receive certifications through. However, as highlighted in the segment, “Protect Yourself During A Mold Inspection”, by ABC’s The Lookout, not all Mold Certifications are created equally!

How does one go about insuring that they are choosing a qualified mold inspector to examine their home or office?

Choosing a Qualified Mold Inspection Company in NJ

While there is no state certification for mold inspectors in New Jersey, it is still very important to select an inspector who has received certifications through a credible organization(s) in the industry. After all, you are not going to have a podiatrist check for cavities, right? Some of the organizations in which one can receive mold inspector certifications include: The Indoor Air quality Association (IAQA.org), Environmental Solutions Association (ESA-Enviro.com), and the National Association of Mold Professionals (MoldPro.org)…to name a few!

Aside from asking for the Mold Inspector’s certifications, ask about the Mold Inspector’s experience. How long has he/she been in the field and performing mold inspections? What is the inspector’s background?

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If you are in need of a mold inspection of your home or mold inspection of an office building in NJ by a Certified Mold Inspector, contact us to speak with a qualified expert.